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Champagne on Bay

Our "Logo Mare", Sweet Champagne, is an Amber champagne.

Amber is the result of one or two champagne genes
on a bay (black + agouti A) base coat.

This beautiful variety has a golden tan body color with brown points, though the legs are often lighter than the mane & tail.  Often the mane and/or tail will have "frosting", that is, lighter hairs along the edges.

An Amber foal's coat color is often darker than the adult; the skin is the usual brighter pink at birth, becoming a more subdued pink color as the horse ages and develops more and more freckles.

The eye color of an Amber starts out blue, and usually ends up amber to brown, as with all non-cream Champagnes.

This particular Amber Champagne mare is 7/8 Arab - 1/8 QH, with the Champagne coloring coming from her QH ancestors;  it is unknown in the Arabian breed.

Her nickname, Freckles, comes from her characteristically champagne freckled skin. 

Close-ups of amber champagne coloring: click these thumbnail-sized pictures to see her eye & surrounding skin colors, muzzle skin color, etc.:

sc_eye.jpg (16575 bytes) Freckle's muzzle close-up sc_nose.jpg (18834 bytes) sc_under_tail2.jpg (27026 bytes) 

Her pedigree is on her HOME PAGE.


Click to enlarge photos.

April's Scarlet Rose
1/2 Missouri Fox Trotter filly
Phyllis & Kenny Pugh;

Magic Mixed with Smoke
American Saddlebred colt
Debby Bradbury;

Boogie Ranger's First Lady
 Missouri Fox Trotter mare
Diane / Mervin Reichle;
New Mexico

Midnight Travelers Expresso
Missouri Fox Trotter mare
Mervin Reichle;
New Mexico


Miss Sprat Brat
Amber mare
Wendy Bockman;

KÖR.jpg (32571 bytes)

Khalvin Klein
Part-Arabian Sport Horse stallion
Gwendolyn Gregorio;

Danney's Dream on V - r.jpg (59344 bytes)

Danney's Dream On V.
AmberMissouri Foxtrotter filly
Linda Vishino, Missouri
She's #51 in our online stud book and her sire is  #50,
Danny's Pride of Princess-S ("Lobo")
Click here to see her full PEDIGREE.

To see the many more Ambers in our stud book, start HERE.



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